Why us?

Polstar’s navigation software is designed to help end users enjoy driving and journey whereas our technical services team operates in a way to help our clients save time and money.

Many customers choose to do business with us because we have leading technology, unparalleled technical services, and some of the best value in the industry. We value long-term relationships with our clients and work closely with them to ensure win-win successes.

Experience & Expertise

Leveraging our 15 years of expertise in navigation software, our talents, skills, creativity, and innovation capabilities make Polstar the perfect hub for integration services and licensing offering.

Our navigation software is powerful, yet flexible, and compatible with many different map data formats, such as HERE and TomTom, and almost all operating systems currently available. Feedback from millions of end users worldwide further intensified our reliability. 

Unmatched Services

Delivering solutions, including software integration, customization, troubleshooting, licensing, and map updates, in order to optimize the performance of your system is always our top priority. We’re respectful and compliant with regard to customer requirements, but knowledgeable and willing to offer alternatives. Our engineers are highly appreciated by their multi languages, friendliness, and working experiences in many different countries.

Best Value

We work closely with our clients with intension to become part of your team for maximizing opportunities and overcoming business challenges. We have more than enough records to help clients bring their navigation systems to the market in the shortest possible time in the industry. It is our habit to complete 80 percent of the agreed upon tasks two months before the due date and resolve the remaining 20 percent within 60 days.

Quality Assurance

Before the completion of each project, our Quality Assurance Handbook requires us to go through the six-step verification procedures. They are (a) one-by-one functional tests, (b) overall performance tests, (c) map data sampling tests, (d) 72-hour burn-in tests, (e) dynamic navigation tests, and (f) real road tests, respectively. Should there be any issues discovered later on, we take full responsibility for a total resolution.


Accountability is the most precious trait for Polstar. As soon as we decide to do business with a client, we’re accountable for everything we promise and we’re willing to make commitments and be responsible for all our own actions.

That’s why we always eliminate the time and effort on distracting activities and other unproductive behavior to win trust from clients eventually. 

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