Integrating Navigation Software with Connected Cars

Most people know that automobile drivers want intuitive, connected, future-proof navigation systems in their cars but only Polstar fulfills this.

With Wi-Fi devices, smartphones and Polstar’s unique technology and cloud databases, vehicles can be a part of the information network that connects cars, roads, and people altogether.

Currently, our technology, together with big data analysis, integrates live information and navigation calculating to realize the following features: 

  • Real-time traffic information: Roads are displayed in different colors to indicate varying degrees of congestion and the traffic events can be provided to help drivers avoid entering into traffic jams.

  • Real-time parking guidance: Minutes before approaching the destination, live parking lot information, such as business hours, charges and availability, is displayed on the screen for driver’s decision. Polnav then navigates in accordance with the driver’s choice.

  • Live and predicted weather information along the way: For driver’s safety and reactionary concern, real-time and predicted weather information is displayed along the routes.

  • Cloud-based speech recognition: Searching a destination, whether a POI or an address, by speaking can be enabled without extra costs. The navigation is more user friendly than ever before.

Additional Features from Polstar’s Connected Car Solution

In addition, our connected car solutions offer the following vehicle management functions also:

  • Remote watching: Information such as the current position of the vehicle, the speed of the vehicle, and the direction of travel can be collected and monitored on a remote screen.

  • Sharing and memorial: Historical tracks of the vehicle can be traced and shared with friends.

  • Vehicle information: Vehicle status such as fuel quantity, fuel consumption, battery level, tank temperature, and tire pressures can be gathered and displayed on connected App.

  • Remote alert: As soon as abnormal situations of the vehicle such as unexpected invasion, abnormal temperature of the water tank, and abnormal tire pressures arise, our App activates the remote alerts automatically.

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