Scooter & Motorcycle Navigation

Multiple modes for your safety riding

Have problems using navigation while riding the scooter? It’s inconvenient and dangerous to use the car-specific navigation for scooter riders. Polstar has delivered Polnav Moto for scooter / motorcycle navigation.

Scooter and motorcycle mode on Polnav mobile is now available in Taiwan. You can in-app purchase it in Polnav Mobile. 

Advanced Search Capability

Easy, quick and accurate

Try our keyword fuzzy search. Just enter some keywords of the desired attractions or road names, and you will see all the relevant results bumping up! By the way, you may also enter cross road and point address to search for your destination. Phone numbers also works! Not sure where to go? Then take a look at our super rich POI database, which recommends different tourist attractions in a comprehensive list of categories.

Voice Input

Hate hand typing? Tell us where to go… with your mouth! This thoughtful feature reduces the risk of distraction and allows you to focus more on your driving. Never had to spend much time hand typing keywords anymore!

Voice Guidance-Turn-by-turn Voice Instructions

Crystal clear voice with multiple languages provided

Get distracted checking maps over and over again? Polnav mobile could be a really useful company- especially a good local guide, who tells you vocally and patiently where the right direction is.

Text-to-Speech (TTS) Guidance 

You may wish Polnav mobile to report every street name, interchanges and highway numbers. Along with the basic voice guidance, this will help your driving even more smoothly and intuitively.

Driving Guidance-
The most reliable instructions

First, Highway Exit Assistant

When driving on the highway, Polnav will list the nearby exit ramps and rest stops. Drivers will not miss any single exit and thus arrive their destination more smoothly.

Second, Highway and Surface road Manual Switching System

When entering or leaving highway, Polnav mobile enables you to switch the driving route from surface road to highway, or vice versa. This helps relocate the navigation immediately and recognize the correct direction more accurately.

Thirs, Lane Marking

When driving on the multi-lane, Polnav mobile will display arrows to instruct you the right direction to the appropriate lane. This prevents you from missing the turning lane or getting into the wrong one carelessly.

Speed Limit Alert

Never worry about getting a speeding ticket
Not intended to be a drag racer, but always driving too fast incautiously? Oops, but no worries anymore. Polnav mobile will remind automatically when you are driving over the speed limit to ensure your safety.

Speed Camera Alert

Polnav mobile knows all the fixed speed cameras. When moving towards a speed camera, Polnav mobile will inform the driver by a voice alert. Also, the speed limit and the remaining distance towards the camera will both be displayed in order to prevent the driver from getting a speed ticket.

Junction View

Reliable instruction with realistic junction image

When driving in a complex junction, Polnav mobile will display the realistic junction image on the full map or split screen automatically while you are moving toward the highway exit and intersection. This function can be shown in either daytime or nighttime mode.

Real-Time Traffic

Detect potential traffic jams all the way

Polnav mobile provides the live traffic information of highways and urban roads. When there is a traffic accident nearby that may affects your driving route, Polnav mobile will mark the location of the event and offer alternate plans for you.
(Available in Taiwan only)

Advanced Mode
Satisfy every detail of your personal preferences

Route Plan

To obtain a more customized service from Polnav mobile, this function enables you to amend your driving route plan according to your further preference. For example, you may choose to drive on a less time-consuming way, or to appoint highway as your first choice. Any narrow roads, highways or ways that have toll collections are also allowed to be avoided by just ticking the options.

Multi-Country maps

Acquire oversea maps within one app at once

PLocal and oversea maps are allowed to be downloaded within the app at the same time. By doing so, you will never have to download other additional GPS navigation apps when considering going abroad. Enjoy a worry-free vacation with Polnav mobile!

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