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Why Polnav GPS Navigation SDK?

The Polnav navigation SDK is your best automotive solution for building GPS navigation client and server’s software with NAVTEQ map. Polnav is designed with the excellent compatibility, flexibility and reliability and it allows mobile and automotive application developers to build ready-to-use navigation software rapidly. It’s robust and solid quality has been approved by many global car makers.

We also innovate and develop the iPhone/Android smart phone versions and provide the benefits of all-in-one smart phone navigation, portable convenience and powerful functions. Polnav smart phone navigation SDK solution can be integrated with in-dash AVN seamlessly by our remote display and control technology (Pol-Link), and it enhances user experience through the advanced infotainment system.

The Automotive Industry Leaders’ Best Choice


High Performance GPS Navigation Engine

The Polnav Navigation SDK is rapid and hassle-free deployment of navigation applications. The Ultra-Fast Navigation Engine locates GPS position rapidly, offers efficient routing precisely and voice prompts for routing guidance.
Intelligent map matching technology can filter unstable GPS signals to improve the navigation performance.

We have won the trust and confidence of our global car manufacturer clients, and the brand value propositions of stable quality, highly integration, and supreme service. We assure our clients of the precise, quick, and stable driving experience. 

Core Engine Technology

  • Universal Engine, supporting global and different map formats.
  • OS platform independent. Quick porting. 
  • Robust routing algorithm.

Customization Services

  • Flexible solutions for UI and function customization.
  • Accurate and on-time delivery of customer’s customization requirements.

Multi-OS Integration Capability

The Polnav Navigation SDK is dedicated to automotive aftermarket companies who would like to develop their own navigation applications. Integrate Polnav multi-OS navigation SDK with In-Dash, NaviBox, PND, Smartphone and Tablet devices. It implements wireless, cloud, and remote display technology to provide total solution for data synchronization and integration between In-Dash and mobile devices and transmit the latest navigation information by Pol-Link remote display and control technology.

Polnav is the modular and flexible navigation engine, and it’s easy to combine navigation SDK with other devices such as Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Polnav enhances competitive ability of your products with stability and enriched navigation features.

Highly System Integration

  • Many years experience & technical ability for various system integration, such as Car PC, PND, Smart Phone etc.. 
  • Efficient memory management.

Quality Assurance

  • Implement complete test cases and methodology. 
  • OE-level testing criteria for product quality control.

Technical Support

  • Better technical support by owning in-house core technologies. 
  • Real-time & efficient technical supports.

Successful Integration

  • 3D Gyro Integration 
  • Call Center Integration
  • HUD Integration
  • LBS Integration
  • LBS POI Advertising Platform
  • Real-time traffic flow
  • XML-TMC Integration
  • LDWS/ FCWS/ AR Integration
  • TPMS Integration
  • EV Car Charging Station Information Integration
  • EV Car CAN bus Integration
  • VR (Voice Recognition) Integration
  • Cloud Computing and Application Integration

Platform Independent

With our continuous efforts in GPS in-car navigation system designing and engineering, and we ensure that the professional customized navigation products and service solutions are offered to our clients. The navigation SDK-powered applications can run in in-dash devices, PNDs, iPhone/Android smart phones, and tablets.

It can be installed in any devices running Windows, Linux, Android, iOS within the system requirements CPU 200MHz above(ARM, X86, MIPS, SH4) and RAM 32MB above. It supports 320x240, 480x242, 800x480 and any resolution.

Polnav navigation SDK can run on the following platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • QNX
  • WinCE
  • Windows NT/ XP/ Vista/ Mobile

Map Support

  • HERE and TomTom, the world's loading global map providers.
  • Or any local well-known map provider requested by customers.

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