Polstar Technologies, Inc. concentrates on GPS related technologies, with our continuous efforts to ensure that the best navigation products and services are offered to our clients.

We treat our clients as the most precious assets, take honest as our keystone, and services as our first priority. With these humanity principles, we build our company upon the foundation of integrity, reliability and creditability, and make us toward a world class corporation.

Corporate Identity Logo

Logo Design Concept – Pole Star
POLSTAR characters are used in corporate identity logo design. “Polestar” symbol stands for the enterprise spirit of Polstar Technologies Inc. Polstar signifies that the Pole Star is a signpost in the sky pointing the right way to safety. The spark graphic design shows that the Earth’s axis 23.5 degree angle heads to the North Pole Star, it represents the headquarter of Polstar Technologies Inc. at Taiwan where is located at the Tropic of Cancer, and it conveys the unique brand spirit. The spark on the top of logo symbolizes Polstar stands out from the competition, grows the business, and becomes a global company.  

Font Design
POLSTAR characters are used in clean, simple, solid, and technical font design. It signifies that Polstar Technologies Inc. takes “Innovative Technology” and “Stable Reliability” as our keynote. Polstar consistently brings innovative and perfect products to automotive market, and conveys the brand spirit of “Trustworthiness” and “Reliability”.

Brilliant and Flying Road Graphic

The design concept of car lighting depicts in the “Brilliant and Flying Road” CI logo, and creates speedy road image. “Brilliant Blue” symbolizes the GPS satellites transmit signals to a GPS receiver, stands for the high-quality navigation image of Technology, Professional, Safety, and “Flying Green” stands for driving outdoor, exporting nature, and pursuing a brilliant life.

Go The Right Way

Polstar signifies that the Pole Star is a signpost in the sky pointing the right way to safety. Polstar is the friendly guide to your way and we assure our clients of the accurate, fast, and stable driving experiences. Our vision is to enrich people's life with innovative navigation technologies.

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