Innovated Navigation Product

Intelligent display mechanism

Display a turning symbol at the intersection or display the actual map view at a complex intersection
Unlike driving, a 2-wheeler needs more attention to riding and can only glance at the dashboard in a short time.
With safety as the top priority, Polnav 2-wheeler mostly shows the turning symbols at intersections. If the rider is about to turn at a complex intersection, the actual map view will be displayed automatically. 

Plan route based on engine displacement

2-wheelers don’t need to use car navigation anymore! Our 2-wheeler navigation is designed for you, it can plan appropriate route by the engine displacement, local traffic regulations and user preferences, which include avoiding highway, avoiding toll roads, fastest arrival, shortest route, etc.

Speed Limit Alert

Never worry about getting a speeding ticket
Not intended to be a drag racer, but always driving too fast incautiously? Oops, but no worries anymore. Polnav mobile will remind automatically when you are driving over the speed limit to ensure your safety.

Speed Camera Alert

Polnav mobile knows all the fixed speed cameras. When moving towards a speed camera, Polnav mobile will inform the driver by a voice alert. Also, the speed limit and the remaining distance towards the camera will both be displayed in order to prevent the driver from getting a speed ticket.

Voice Guidance-Turn-by-turn Voice Instructions

Crystal clear voice with multiple languages provided

Get distracted checking maps over and over again? Polnav mobile could be a really useful company- especially a good local guide, who tells you vocally and patiently where the right direction is.

Text-to-Speech (TTS) Guidance 

You may wish Polnav mobile to report every street name, interchanges and highway numbers. Along with the basic voice guidance, this will help your driving even more smoothly and intuitively.

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