Our People

Our company is composed of the best talents in this country, mostly engineers and business people, who think and act as our customers' software development teams.

The funders of Polstar think like scientists and doctors with a unique mindset to provide users with unrivaled technical supports and services. We built our reputation on providing innovative software technology, superior engineering solutions, and outstanding project management support services.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is a world in which every individual owns GPS navigation, like one’s watch, being fulfilled in a reliable way by a company named Polstar that improves the quality of navigation for all people on this globe.

Our mission is straightforward: to help our direct customers save time and costs, to help our end-users enjoy driving and journey, and to help ourselves earn pride and satisfaction.

We work hard to build up a Win-Win Culture to direct the attitudes and behaviors of our people to make our vision a reality. We apply innovation and technology to improve the sustainability performance of our products, services, solutions, and operations. We will continue to improve ourselves as best as we can.

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